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Our mission is simple:
connect, enable & empower


Our mission is simple:
connect, enable & empower


We use our magnetic forces to:

  1. Connect highly experienced, flexible, multi-skilled and trusted professionals with businesses who need Superhero quality services delivered at a lower cost

  2. Enable businesses who embrace the digital economy to minimize risk, maximize social responsibility, grow revenues and reduce costs

  3. Empower our community of Superhero professionals who are passionate about working with innovative, creative and forward-thinking businesses

Hannah Foreman-Wenneker, Founder & CEO

Hannah Foreman-Wenneker, Founder & CEO


How it all began

In 2015, facing a career dilemma because her child was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1, Hannah was left with two choices: either quit her successful career or re-engineer it into something that would fit her new situation. She needed more flexibility than the standard 9-5 working environment, but it needed to be a financially viable alternative too.

Looking around, she realized many of the options out there didn’t cut the mustard.

“There weren’t enough choices for skilled, experienced, motivated, responsible and hard-working people to enjoy a flexible yet financially rewarding career.” - Hannah

the magnetwork was borne from the frustration that despite living in the 21st century, we are still largely bound by archaic working options. Hannah wants to challenge this by creating modern, flexible working options to professionally skilled and experienced people, while also delivering high quality hiring solutions to business managers. As the rise of the remote work economy proves how long-term commitments to employers are declining in popularity, highly skilled, talented and experienced people strive for better control over their work-life balance.


Our Super Advisers


the magnetwork has a circle of Super Advisers who support, contribute and advise on daily activities and long-term strategies.

Sean Nowak

Els Bosma

Change & Transition in the Workplace

Jose Ojeda

Joffrey Back Kolling

Finance & Entrepreneurship


Nancy Roberts

Championing Diversity & Inclusion at Work

Ann Sharma

Cyndee Sugra

Digital Strategy & Entrepreneurship