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Join our community of digital marketing superheroes

Now you can juggle a rewarding career with a busy lifestyle without making compromises



Join our community of virtual marketing superheroes

Now you can juggle a rewarding career with a busy lifestyle without making compromises


What's your marketing superpower?

Take back control of your career. Decide when you work and how much you work. It's that easy!


+ How does it work?

STEP 1: Get in touch with us today by completing this form.

STEP 2: A member of the Magnetwork team will contact you. If you match our profile, we will ask you to submit some more detailed information on your backround, experience, expertise and skill sets.

STEP 3: You will be invited to attend a 1:1 virtual meeting with a member of the Magnetwork team. Here we will discuss many things including your suitability to remote work, the kinds of projects you are interested in working on and any other important information.

STEP 4: Once you are accepted into the Magnetwork community, you will receive matching opportunities from clients looking for digital markerting support.

NB: the Magnetwork is a pro-diversity and inclusion agency. We provide clients with complete and comparable candidate profiles including background, skills, experience and expertise. The client can then fairly decide which candidates to meet. In this sense, we remove any natural biases by excluding personal information until interview-eligible candidates have been selected, thus ensuring these decisions are based on their fit for purpose to the job/project profile only.

+ Superpowers

To become a digital marketing Superhero with the Magnetwork we require a certain level of 'superpowers' - it is best to first check if your skills and experience meet our minimum requirements. If you are not sure, feel free to get in touch with the Magnetwork for more advice.

+ Working hours

You are in control of when you work and how many hours you are available. Whatever you decide is fine because we work with clients in different time-zones. Just remember: a wise Superhero carefully balances the options between what they can personally offer and what makes them most attractive to potential clients.

+ Flexibility

Working as a digital marketing Superhero with the Magnetwork offers you enormous amounts of flexibility. Now you can more easily manage other parts of your life in combination with a rewarding career. But as a responsible professional, you are expected to be flexible if and when required. In return, you will find combining this career with, for example, raising children or even starting your own business, more manageable and for some, even life-changing.

+ Rewards

We work with both freelancers and non-freelancers. If you are not registered as a freelancer, it doesn't matter! We have chosen to work with a responsible collective labour agreement which includes holiday pay and other reserves. We believe everyone should receive what they deserve and we value our Superheroes expertise, motivation and professionalism. Read more about how Payroll works and what the difference is between freelancing and payrolling.

+ Self-Management

Aside from being an expert in marketing, there are 3 personal skills we believe underpin being a successful virtual marketing superhero:

1. You need to be able to use your own initiative to work alone, solve problems or ask for advice.

2. Organization skills are paramount. If you are organized, you will be efficient – that benefits both you and your client.

3. And finally, accountability… as highly-skilled, well-experienced professionals, we are all expected to be accountable for our success and care about the client’s goals and how to reach them.

+ Communication

If you have never worked as a virtual marketing manager before, you may be wondering how you will communicate with your clients and deliver your work. The answer to this is that it varies. Some hiring managers prefer email and video conferencing to work with their superheroes. Others opt for cloud-collaborative software instead. Everyone is different. At the magnetwork, we figure all this stuff out for you with the hiring managers before you begin working with them. We will also help you if need to learn a new piece of software etc. You are not alone!

+ How to apply

The application process is very simply:

Step 1: Complete the short introductory form here.

Step 2: We will contact you immediately if you meet the minimum requirements and invite you to complete a more in-depth application form, this is where you can also tell us your availability etc.

Step 3: We will invite you for a digital meeting to discuss your specific skills and expertise etc. as well as the kinds of opportunities you would be interested in.

Step 4: We will cross match you with our client database and introduce you to matching hiring managers.

+ Insurance for Self-Employed Superheroes

The information here is provided as advice only. We request that you seek professional advice from your own insurance provider. Whilst Company Liability Insurance is not obligatory for self-employeed people, it is often advised. We provide some general guidance to help you here:

Company Liability Insurance: If you are self-employed you run various risks with regard to liability. This can vary from damage caused by you to other people's property, damage to other people and damage to other businesses. As a contractor, you are liable for damage caused by your own actions. A Company Liability Insurance is therefore recommended. Although it is similar, Company Liability Insurance is different to Individual Liability Insurance (or third-party liability insurance), Individual Liability Insurance does not provide any cover for damage that you have caused during your work.

Company Liability Insurance usually provides coverage for:

General liability: Damage caused to other people or property by the insured person during the performance of assignments

Risk: Damage for which the insured person is held liable as owner of a building

Product: Damage caused by a defect in a product supplied by you

Personal: Injury or damage to health caused by you (but not resulting in death)

Damage: Damage, destruction or disappearance of third-party items

Defense: The costs of legal defense in case of unfounded claims

Salvage: The costs for preventing or reducing damage

Interest: The statutory interest on the damage

Company Liability Insurance does not provide coverage for:

Damage with intent: If you deliberately cause damage to third-parties

Damage caused by motor vehicles: If you cause damage to individuals or property using a motor vehicle, this is not covered. To cover this, you need a separate motor insurance policy

Damage to your own business: Damage to your own property is not covered. In insurance terms this is called internal property damage. Imagine letting your iPad fall while you work for a customer this is not covered. If the floor of your client gets damaged by the fall, the damage to the floor is covered

Financial: Company Liability Insurance only covers damage to property and people. Pure financial loss, i.e. damage expressed in terms of loss of money or assets is never covered

Environmental damage: If there is an accident during your work that suddenly causes environmental damage, this is covered

Poor advice: Company Liability Insurance provides cover for actual damage. However, in advisory professions it does not provide any cover for the advice given. For example, if you are providing legal advice services, you would need a Professional Liability Insurance instead.